Metro Line 2 Introduced New Trains
The 1000 trains made by Bombardier Inc. for China are now running in Guangzhou
  • 5 sites added to the Cultural lists
  • Last tough work completed for Line3
  • Police to enforce bar closure law
  • New centres aimto help foreigntrade
  • GD signed 111 contracts at PPRDFair
  • Export of GD to Russia up by 50%
  • GD Beer Festival to open on June 9
  • Zhujiang River Tour set for June 12
  • Guangzhou's air quality improved
  • Planning for New Railway Station
  • GZ to form global auto-parts base
  • Int'l Dragon Boat Race to kick off
  • Card to ensure swifter access
  • New Children'sPark to triple insize
  • Metro passes beneath Liberation Mt.
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    Living in GZ    
    Guangzhou in my eyes
    Nearly half a year, I have been very glad to take Guangzhou as my new home. I am very surprised to this.
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    Food Street
    The street named Jianshe Road 6 is the ideal place.
    ·Southeast Asian
    Lingnan Culture    
    In traditional Chinese belief, death does not mean a person stops existing.
    Hong Xiuquan Memorial Museum
    The Memorial of Hong Xiuquan was established in 1991
    ·Travel Agent
    ·Beauty Salon
    ·Law Office
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  • Guangzhou's Bid for 2010 Asian Games
  • Guangzhou Gateway of Sino-Sweden Marine Trade
  • Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport